What You Need to Know About Acting Headshots


If you want to get started in modeling or acting then you should know that it is very important that you have a good headshot. If you are not familiar with what a headshot is, it is simply a photo, usually 8” x 10” in size, that depicts the aspiring model or actor. Common acting headshots feature a close up photo, hence the name, but there are also headshots that feature half or even full body shots. The purpose of the headshot is to introduce aspiring models or actors to casting directors or agents. Because these are very busy individuals, they usually create a shortlist of applicants based on their headshots. This is the reason why headshots are considered by many as the gateway to stardom.

The many uses of headshots

headshotYou can use headshots in many different ways. You can randomly send your headshots to directors and producers or even advertising agencies. You have the choice to either send a hard copy of your photo or just a soft copy through email. Of course, if you have a Facebook account – and you should definitely have one if you are an aspiring actor – then no one is preventing you from using your headshot as your profile photo. When you attend casting calls, you should also carry with you several copies of you headshots. It is a big no no to attend casting calls and not have headshots unless you really don’t want to be remembered by the casting director.

Invest on a good headshot

Sahra PrietoIf you think you can just take a selfie and then pass it on as a headshot, then think again. It is also not a good idea to ask an amateur to simply take a snapshot of you and then use it as a headshot. It is a must that your headshot looks professional. Or else, you would be rejected outright. Casting directors go through hundreds or even thousands of headshots every day. They can tell a professional headshot from an amateur one a mile away. They are very busy individuals. Do not waste their time. Getting a professional photographer to take your headshot can set you back anywhere from $100 to $300. Yes, this may be a steep price but you can consider it as a form of investment. You can easily get the money back with a single project.

How to save up on a headshot

If money is really tight then there are few tricks you can try to get good actor headshots in toronto and still save money. You can look for amateur photographers who are willing to take photos of aspiring models and actors in exchange of getting some experience. Or you can turn to college students who are willing to do headshots for a song. If you are lucky, you can even find a photographer who is willing o take your photos for free. These photographers are usually building their portfolio. Of course, you should still check the quality of a photographer’s work before hiring him or her.

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